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What Makes MagicJack Go Different from the Plus?

buy magicjack goYou have probably heard about MagicJack Go, but is it worth getting? To help you make a decision, we have put together this MagicJack Go review. It will discuss what it is, the pros, the cons and we will tell you whether or not it’s worth getting.

Learning From MagicJack VoIP Reviews

1. What Is It- MagicJack Go is a digital phone service, and once it’s set up you can use the service to call various places, just like you’d normally would. It is considered an on-the-go digital phone service. All you have to do is connect the MagicJack Go device to your internet and home landline phone. After you do this, you’re good to go.

2. The Pros- It’s easy to setup and it works with any landline. Hook it up to your high speed internet and landline, and you can start making phone calls. There’s no contracts involved or monthly bills because you just pay for the service for the year and renew it annually. Best of all, you can make and receive phone calls while you’re out and about.

Advantage Of Magic Jack Go

You won’t have to pay money to make local or long-distance calls. Not only that, but you will have a free caller ID, so you’ll know who is calling you when your phone rings. Other features you’ll receive include a free voicemail, free call waiting and free conference calling, which can come in handy if you run a business and plan on hosting meetings over the phone. Not only that, but you’ll have free directory assistance.

When you buy MagicJack Go, you can download the MagicApp to your mobile phone. Once it’s downloaded, you can make phone calls while on the go. You can also receive calls.

Another cool feature is your MagicJack device number can be assigned to your Magic App. This will allow you to have your business, home and MagicApp ring at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you want a phone number and service for personal use and/or business use, MagicJack Go is what you want to have.

3. The Cons- The only con is you will need to pay for the service again after a year. The price may stay the same as it is now or it may go up. However, this isn’t a con and whether or not this is a bad thing is a matter of preference. The chances are you won’t have a problem paying to renew the service because of all the benefits it offers.

4. Price- As of now, MagicJack Go costs around $35. When you pay, this will include a year’s worth of service. After the year is up, you’ll have to pay again. This means you will have to pay around $35 after 12 months, or it may be more if the price increases.

We conclude this MagicJack Go review by saying it’s worth getting. If you’re looking for a good digital phone service, then you can’t go wrong with MagicJack Go. We recommend getting it and trying it out for yourself because you’ll quickly realize just how good it really is.

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