Call Tracking: Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamic phone number insertion (DNI) can better be described as an advanced Call Tracking technology which marketers make use of to conduct an analysis of the force of the digitization on phone calls which generate potential business opportunities. When client navigates to your website from an advertisement, DNI will displays a unique number that is similar to IP address which is distinctive to the specific web page, search engine, keyword or others. Each tracking number can be assigned a source (such as Google Adwords, Facebook and the like).Tracking number will be displayed when a user reaches website via these sources. By tracking call tracking metrics, marketers can then gain an overview regarding which advertisements are generating revenue from phone calls.

Dynamic Number Insertion is a strategic performance optimization product by call-tracking. It bridges the gap between advertising and conversion on different media channels, by automatically inserting unique telephone numbers in each media in ad-tracking mode. Specific relationship is created between online or offline ads and offline conversions. ROI optimization decisions and media strategies are supported by Dynamic phone number insertion.

How Dynamic phone number insertion works

Client can use tracking wizards in a bid to provision phone numbers for a marketing purpose instantly. It also adds some JavaScript’s snippet of every page making your site that will contain a given phone number. When user navigates to site from a social media post they are assigned a third-party cookie that keeps track of the source. Once the customers arrives at the site, they could see the unique number which is associated with that ad or keyword

Types of Dynamic phone number insertion

  1. URL based DNI
  2. Source based DNI
  3. Session based DNI
  4. Innovid Inc-Master Brain behind Dynamic phone number insertion

Innovid Inc is linked with the issuance of a patent that covers interactive video technology, an edge cutting technology that is all set to revolutionize the advertising stream. The patent is for “inserting interactive objects into video content which comprises the technology behind cross-device digital video platform by incorporating additional interactive elements. The elements mentioned comprise a number of techniques including media sharing, hot-spotting, product carousels, store locators and such likes. Interactive elements are dynamically inserted into the video from a server call.

Surveys have revealed that interactive video content earns 150% better awareness and outperforms standard video and percentage of ad viewed has also sky-rocketed.

Advantages of Dynamic phone number insertion

  1. Budget can be optimized in real time basis-Analysts can understand which paid search option derives maximum revenue and more focus could be given to that search option.
  2. Site’s number can be dynamically replaced with local number
  3. Flexibility to track calls at keyword level
  4. Provide valuable analytics for social media like Twitter and Facebook