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  • What Makes MagicJack Go Different from the Plus?

    buy magicjack goYou have probably heard about MagicJack Go, but is it worth getting? To help you make a decision, we have put together this MagicJack Go review. It will discuss what it is, the pros, the cons and we will tell you whether or not it’s worth getting.

    Learning From MagicJack VoIP Reviews

    1. What Is It- MagicJack Go is a digital phone service, and once it’s set up you can use the service to call various places, just like you’d normally would. It is considered an on-the-go digital phone service. All you have to do is connect the MagicJack Go device to your internet and home landline phone. After you do this, you’re good to go.

    2. The Pros- It’s easy to setup and it works with any landline. Hook it up to your high speed internet and landline, and you can start making phone calls. There’s no contracts involved or monthly bills because you just pay for the service for the year and renew it annually. Best of all, you can make and receive phone calls while you’re out and about.

    Advantage Of Magic Jack Go

    You won’t have to pay money to make local or long-distance calls. Not only that, but you will have a free caller ID, so you’ll know who is calling you when your phone rings. Other features you’ll receive include a free voicemail, free call waiting and free conference calling, which can come in handy if you run a business and plan on hosting meetings over the phone. Not only that, but you’ll have free directory assistance.

    When you buy MagicJack Go, you can download the MagicApp to your mobile phone. Once it’s downloaded, you can make phone calls while on the go. You can also receive calls.

    Another cool feature is your MagicJack device number can be assigned to your Magic App. This will allow you to have your business, home and MagicApp ring at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you want a phone number and service for personal use and/or business use, MagicJack Go is what you want to have.

    3. The Cons- The only con is you will need to pay for the service again after a year. The price may stay the same as it is now or it may go up. However, this isn’t a con and whether or not this is a bad thing is a matter of preference. The chances are you won’t have a problem paying to renew the service because of all the benefits it offers.

    4. Price- As of now, MagicJack Go costs around $35. When you pay, this will include a year’s worth of service. After the year is up, you’ll have to pay again. This means you will have to pay around $35 after 12 months, or it may be more if the price increases.

    We conclude this MagicJack Go review by saying it’s worth getting. If you’re looking for a good digital phone service, then you can’t go wrong with MagicJack Go. We recommend getting it and trying it out for yourself because you’ll quickly realize just how good it really is.

    Why You Should Use the Magic Jack Phone App

    Do you use the Magic Jack VOIP service? If you do, and you have an active Magic Jack device, then you should look into using their free calling app.

    The MagicJack free calling app is absolutely incredible, and you’ll fall in love with it as soon as you use it. Here are a few reasons you should be using this app for all of your calls:

    Talk Free Mobile With Magic Jack

    It’s a Free Magic Jack App

    There’s no real downside to using this app on your phone. After all, the app is completely free! You can download it in an instant, and you won’t have to pay a cent to start using it.

    While you can look for reviews and try to gather a lot of information, none of that stuff is essential. Why not try it out and see what you think of it? If you like the app, then you can keep on using it in the future. If you would like to learn more, you can continue reading about what you can take away from Magic Jack phone service reviews.

    All You Need Is Wifi

    If you want to make calls using the Magic Jack app, the only thing you need to have is a wifi connection. As long as your phone is connected to the internet, then you will be able to make as many phone calls as you want.

    If you already have 3G or 4G internet on your phone, you will be able to use this free calling app at any time. If you have a limited number of minutes on your phone plan, this app could be the solution that you’re looking for.

    It’s Easy And Effective

    Obviously, no one wants to use a calling app that’s going to be a hassle for them. Making a phone call should be easy. With Magic Jack, it is. You’ll be able to make calls to anyone you want without a problem.

    Of course, this app isn’t just simple to use. It also works very well. When you make calls with this app, you will get the same level of quality that you get with your normal cellular service. This means that you will be able to hear everyone you talk to perfectly.

    You Can Use It With Any One Device

    As long as you’re a Magic Jack user, you can use this free calling app with any one device that you have. You don’t necessarily have to use it with a smartphone; you could also use it with a tablet.

    It’s Great For Small Business Owners

    If you use Magic Jack for your small business, the free calling app will allow you to stay connected no matter where you go. Your clients will be able to reach you anywhere, and you’ll be able to reach them as well.

    If you haven’t used the MagicJack free calling app now, you should look into downloading it. You can find the magicApp in the Android or iOS stores right now.

    This app is one of the many things that makes Magic Jack a great choice. If you are a Magic Jack user, then you should be using this app.

    Why You Should Try Magic Jack Plus

    You’ve probably seen ads for MagicJack at one point or another. However, there is a very good chance that you have never tried MagicJack for yourself.

    If you have heard of this or maybe read some Magic Jack reviews, but didn’t think that it was right for you, you might want to look into MagicJack Plus. Plus is great for businesses and for individuals.majic jack plus set image

    The Plus Offers Many Different Features

    When you use MagicJack, you are able to make calls through high speed internet. When you sign up for Plus, you are able to do a number of other things in addition to that.

    Plus will give you access to features that will really make your life easier. You will be able to do things that you wouldn’t have been able to do with an ordinary phone plan.

    If you take the time to check out some of these features, you will probably be very impressed.

    It Is One Of The Cheapest Options Out There

    It is true that Plus is a little more expensive than the standard MagicJack package. With that said, it is still one of the most affordable phone plans around.

    If you are trying to save some money, but don’t want to give up your favorite features, switching to Plus is a great compromise. You will be able to gain access to a feature-rich phone package, but you will be able to get it at a budget-friendly price.

    It’s Ideal For Small Businesses

    It can be very difficult for smaller businesses to keep up with their larger competitors. Because they have less money and fewer employees to work with, they can’t always do all the things that larger companies are able to do.

    If you are a small business owner, then MagicJack Plus may be exactly what your company needs. It will allow you to keep up with companies that are spending a lot of money on their phone service. MagicJack offers a lot of the same things that expensive phone plans do, especially if you wind up using Plus.

    It’s Easy And Efficient

    No one wants to waste their time trying to get their phone service to work properly. People just want it to work the way it is supposed to.

    People also want their phone service to deliver high call quality. No one wants to strain to hear the person on the other side of the line; they want all of their calls to come in crystal clear.

    MagicJack is extremely easy to use; you’ll be able to start using and enjoying it in no time at all. It is also very efficient. People that use it for the first time are often impressed with how well it works.

    If you aren’t using MagicJack Plus right now, then you might want to take a closer look at it. Once you have had the chance to try it out, you will see why so many people have switched over to using MagicJack for their phone service. It’s great for small business owners, individuals, and anyone else that needs phone service.

    Why You Should Read A Magic Jack Review

    A lot of people are skeptical when they hear about the Magic Jack phone service. Sure, this service sounds great, but is it really possible to get a quality phone service for less?

    That’s why you should take the time to read a Magic Jack review or two. The more reviews you read, the easier it will be for you to see the benefits offered by Magic Jack.

    magic jack reviewsIt Does More For Less

    Magic Jack is able to do a great deal, but that doesn’t mean that it will cost you a lot. As a matter of fact, with Magic Jack, you’ll be able to do more without spending much at all.

    Magic Jack offers all of the things that its competitors do. In some cases, they offer even more than their competitors. However, even though Magic Jack offers a great deal, their prices have always remained low.

    You Can Learn More About Magic Jack

    Magic Jack consumer reviews can be incredibly informative. If you take the time to read over the reviews that people have written for the Magic Jack service, you will be able to see why so many people are so impressed with this service.

    A lot of people have put a great deal of detail into these reviews. When you read a review, you’ll be able to learn about the features that Magic Jack offers. You’ll be able to get more use out of Magic Jack if you decide to use this VoIP service for yourself. You can learn more from Magic Jack phone reviews here. (more…)

    Is MagicJack Home Phone Service THE Modern Solution?

    The only complaints I’ve ever personally seen about MagicJack home phone service deal with either connectivity and hardware/software issues or the upgrades that have taken place over the years. Technology is going to change folks, but that’s why you need to think about what you’re buying before you buy it. I too have made many mistakes buying products that I shouldn’t have bought, but would Magic Jack really fall into that category? Or, would it instead be a product that really does provide good home phone service for a one time fee?

    magic jack phone calls

    There are reports that you have to pay in order to port a number. Some people will care about this, and some people won’t really care much at all. I wouldn’t really care about porting my number in this day and age. Some people are going to be signing up for a home phone after not having had one for awhile, all because Magic Jack has made it more affordable again. Plus, some people miss the old home phone after not having one for awhile. (more…)